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Classic Tee Adberry

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■ We have realized a surprising price by performing the dyeing and printing process in-house.

IMP's new standard color. A purple shade with the motif of "ad berry" from the poison berry of Shiga prefecture, which is the base.

One point with shades of purple that was originally blended. You can enjoy the difference in complexion depending on the sunlight.

By using high quality dyes in cooperation with dyeing factories

We provide products that are resistant to washing, rubbing, and sunlight.

It is a semi-made-to-order product.

For some sizes, to make after ordering

It may take about a week to ship.

* You can check the measurement on the image.

[Product characteristics]

-You can wear even one piece comfortably with a soft fabric.

・ It is a hand-dyed product and is the only one in the world.

・ 5.6 ounces (standard thickness, even one piece can be worn)
・ 100% cotton
・ Ringspun thread ・ Round body specifications

Dyeing: Reactive dye print: Silk screen print

Handling: Washing machine Please note that this product may transfer color to other items due to wet conditions such as sweat or rain, or due to friction. Please avoid combining with light-colored items (sofa, bag, car seat, etc.). Please avoid washing with other items as the color may fade. Please use a detergent that does not contain optical brightener. Please avoid soaking in water for a long time. After washing, please shape it immediately and dry it in the shade. Please avoid using the dryer after washing with water.

Classic Tee AdberryClassic Tee AdberryClassic Tee AdberryClassic Tee AdberryClassic Tee AdberryClassic Tee AdberryClassic Tee AdberryClassic Tee Adberry